LRBX - Belgian longboard collective

As you may know, BILLYSKATE.BE is a Belgian webshop. Our job is to promote our skate scene, that's why we are doing this article about LRBX:

"LRBX - La Roulette Bruxellesoise"

 This collective is one of the first Longboarders crew in Belgium, just after Blutcher longboard Club.

Founded in 2010 by Cédric Scheers, an ex-kite surfer, LRBX at the beginning was just a couple of friends just enjoying riding together and sharing their passion, longboarding. Later on, LRBX became a collective of riders with projects. They started to organise:
  • Sessions: cruising, sliding, freeriding, downhill.
  • Events: Brussels Carfree Sunday, Roller Parade, initiation days
  • Longboard school: private & group lessons, holidays camp
Cruising session with the LRBX crew @Brussels


Now in 2018, it is still the case. Some of them achieved a high level enough to travel across Europe and doing freerides and official competitions. They are now the most influential and actif collective in the Belgian longboard scene. Every week they organise flat sessions, slide sessions, cruising sessions and downhill sessions. Every of those are though through security wise, which are also according to the level of each rider. For example: flat sessions are made for beginners, slide sessions for intermediate and Downhill or freeride sessions for advanced. But even if you just want to chill an learn about the longboard scene in Belgium, you’ll be welcome at every sessions.

Holiday Camp by LRBX with - for kids from 8 to 12 y.e.


They are doing a really great job, but the first goal still is having fun with each other. You just have to respect some rules like respect the spot and the people for example. So to be short the atmosphere is respectful, welcoming and sometimes crazy.


More info about

LRBX offers longboard and skateboard lessons and the first rule still is safety. It is mandatory to wear safety gear and there is no room for doubt . You can have a private or a groupe lesson. They are also doing group lessons during school hollidays for children.

Basically they evolved the Belgian scene as well in international longboard events:


Gioasteka 2018 - Downhill Freeride at San Bernardino (Suisse)


So if you want to start doing longboard, improving yourself or just meeting some other riders,… All you need to know about LRBX - La Roulette Bruxelloise:

All LRBX members are really kind and you’ll be always welcome at their sessions. Don't hesitate to contact them via facebook about events, school, ...



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