GLOBE deck - Count von Count Sesame Street edition - 7.75"
If you are looking for a good deck with an advantageous price. There is some brands who’s doing first-price line for begginers or just for the people who break their board to fast. Globe brand is one of those.

With the G2 sesame street edition Count von Count deck only , you can have it for 50€ and that’s a good price for a good skate deck. This board is a resin- 7 maple board, with a width of 7.75’’ and a full concave. This size of board is perfect for kids or for the skaters who want to do technical tricks because it’s going to be lighter tant a 8’’. The design is an original character images from the sesame street archives. The reason why globe choose this design is because they supports The Sesame Street Yellow Feather Fund, which is an association for children in need. this association help childrens with autism, poor childrens, refugees childrens, etc…

Count von Count Globe Deck Sesame Street edition - 7.75"

If you want more informations about The Sesame Street Feather Fund, you can check on the website: .

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And if you want to know more about the Globe brand or the other brands we are working with it. We hope that you liked it and remind you that every analysis are made by our riders to give you the best description as possible.



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