WAKESHOP.BE interview #4: Lisa Baloo
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Today we are meeting Lisa Baloo!
Name: Elizaveta Pruzhanskaia AKA Lisa Baloo
Nationality: Russia Date of Birth: 11/20/1995
Sponsors: Hyperlite, Mystic, King Winch Wakepark
Lisa is an incredible wakeboarder from Russia. In the past few year she's been on top of the game and she keeps pushing the women side of the sport ever since. Loving going big and far from being scared in front of a big challenge. Her hard work clearly paid off as she became twice vice world champion, 4 times rail rider of the year in Russia and the first Russian wakeboarder to reach a world class podium in America. If you don't know her yet, its about time !! Follow her from here: Lisa Baloo
Questions to Lisa:
1. Tell us about yourself in a few words.
I am just a crazy russian girl and my dog loves wakeboarding as much as me
2. How and when did you start wakeboarding?
I started to wakeboard when I was already studying at university. One day my friends took me to the cable park and offered me to try it out. I was feeling very awkward to try it. I was scared that everyone was going to laugh when I fell in the water. But since my first second on the water I fell in love with this sport and started dreaming to become a professional athlete.
3. What is your favourite wakeboard location and why?
My favourite wakeboard location is definitely my home cable Kingwinch Wake Park. It is a huge bi-level pool which looks so scary but actually so fun to ride! I'm trying to spend every second there when I am at home!
4. You are from Russia! How Is the wakeboard world over there? We see a lot of things from Russia but rarely see the Russian wakeboard community overseas, Can you explain?
For the last few years russian wakeboarding scene has grown so much. We have lots of wakeparks and also lots of companies making cables, boards, obstacles here in Russia. Also, there are so many talented riders. Unfortunately, not all of them are able to travel the world since it is pretty expensive. Most of them have to work hard to get a chance to travel once a year. Russia's economy is not that great, you know. Also, I think there is a big problem with language barrier. If Russian riders travel they all go to the same places like Hypnotics or Phuket Wake Park. Maybe that is why you might have not heard much about them.
5. We see you heavily involved and pushing the woman side of the sport to a whole new level, what moment made you decided to dedicate a big part of you life to our sport
I don't feel that I've already done something great for the sport. I'm doing just what I love and sharing it through my social media channels. Wakeboarding is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. I was always dreaming of being able to travel the world, meet new people, do something creative.. - and this is what wakeboarding is all about. I could not live another life...
6. Can you tell us a little bit about Kingwinch and Fire Water and pipes? Whats so beautiful about this place?
It is a cult place near Kronstadt with its sandy beach, surrounded by historical defensive structures of imperial times and a magnificent seaport. It has an incredible bi-level pool gap and some other activities. Kingwinch was my first cable park, I grew up there as an athlete and person. They also grew up from a small 2.0 system to a big chain of wake parks with their own production of cables, obstacles and even boards. Fire, Water and Pipes is a new level of competitions in Russia. Every year we invite lots of international pro riders, make a massive event with a huge prize money for riders and a big crowd of people. Last year we even made a TV live stream on the biggest sport channel in Russia! It was epic! The coolest thing is that bi-level pool is located so close to the stands that all the tricks look insanely spectacular, you can almost touch the riders which is awesome! Come join us guys!
7. You travel and met most of the riders that are involved in pushing our sport, who is your biggest crush and how is that going on, :) ?
Yes wakeboarding definitely gave me the opportunity to meet so many talented people. Last year I was exploring Brazil and met Pedro Caldas. His riding and style is unreal. I wish I could ride like him!
8. One project, trip, session that is on top of your list, which one is it and can you tell us about it?
Before Corona happened I was planning to spend my winter in Argentina. I even have started learning spanish. Hope we all can travel again soon...
9. if you could do whatever you want, what wold be your wakeboard dream project?
My wakeboarding dream project... hmm.. it is a really hard question since I change my mind all the time. But I would like to learn how to winch or maybe do something big with all the girls.
10. What event are you the most excited about every season?
Every year I am waiting for Plastic Playground and Fire, Water ans Pipes. I'm always excited for the team shoots. I love all my teammates and always have the best time with them!
11. If you have to describe Mystic in 3 words ?
Mystic is about quality in details.
12. What is your favourite product form Mystic.
I actually love everything they do. You know I'm a pretty small girl and I was so surprised how good all the products looks on me. But my favourites are wetsuits and bikinis.
13. What do you do when not wakeboarding ?
When I am not wakeboarding I meet with my friend, travel to beautiful places, spend time with my family, do some computer work like editing, learning other languages, go to the gym sometimes, partying... I always have something to do, but yeah most of the time I am wakeboarding!
Mystic Diva collection
14. Is Vodka truly a big thing in Russia or it is more a thing we see in the movies?
Common man, I have zero friends who like vodka. I would say Americans drinking Vodka so much more than Russians. It is such a big stereotype as bears on the streets. I haven't even seen one hahah. But you know, Russia is huge and some things depend on a region.
15. Any upcoming project you are involved in?
Currently I have some ideas for my projects and I am about to start them. I want to start YouTubing but I can't tell you more.
16. Can you tell us what its like to be part of the Hyperlite family? We see a lot of good things coming from your team!
I have been riding for Hyperlite 1,5 year. And I am sure that I made the best decision in my wakeboarding career. Last year, when I joined the shoot and met my team for the first time, the first thing that they told me - welcome to the family. And it is a real family, we all are friends who truly love and support each other. Hyperlite team is a combination of insane riders with cool personalities and high quality products!
17. What is your choice of board in their range?
For 2020 I am riding the brand new Hyperlite Soulmate 142. It is a board for girls! And it feels so good on the water!
Hyperlite Soul Mate 2020
18. What are the good and bad about the hyperlite system?
Good thing about Hyperlite systems is that your ankles are safe. I have never ever had a situation when my leg flew out of boots. Systems keep your legs tight to the boots. Also it is very comfortable to walk about the lake. There is only one minus, if you used to ride softer bindings you will need some time to get used to ride systems. But it takes a week. Then you will never change on something else.
Hyperlite system 2020
19. What/Who do you really dislike in the sport?
Who I don't like... I like everyone. What I don't like is bad weather.
20. How do you see wakeboarding in 5 years?
see wakeboarding as a huge sport with lots of people who are involved in this industry! We are growing up fast and we will never stop!
21. 3 riders that inspire you the most?
I think John Dreiling, Pedro Caldas and Anna Nikstad are wow. But there are so many more people who inspire me in this life.
22. 3 most handsome male wakeboarder out there?
Hahaha it is such a provocative question. But I will still answer hahah... Max Van Hevoort, Pedro, Massi, Sam de Haan, Tyler Higham, Ryan Peacock, ... oh sorry I can inly pick 3, there are so many beautiful boys in this industry!
23. Who will be the Wakepark rider of the year in 2020 ? Female and male.
Actually all the boys and girls are killing it right now and it is going to be so hard to choose one. Don't put so much pressure on me haha
24. Best wakeboard instagram to follow?
I definitely recommend to follow Graeme Burress. He is making tons of good quality content for instagram.
25. We are living a period where most of the countries are on lockdown or just got open again, if it is your case as well, What is a typical lock down day for you?
Good thing about Hyperlite systems is that your ankles are safe. I have never ever had a situation when my leg flew out of boots. Systems keep your legs tight to the boots. Also it is very comfortable to walk about the lake. There is only one minus, if you used to ride softer bindings you will need some time to get used to ride systems. But it takes a week. Then you will never change on something else.
grabbing that frontside boardslide
Pick A, B or C
Wide stance/ Narrow Stance? Narrow
Blonde or Brown? Brown
Tea or Coffee? Tea
Water or Vodka water
Make up or Natural? Both
Breakfast or Dinner? Both
Day or night? Night
Cable, winch or boat? Cable
Rap or rock ? Rock
Meet or veggies ? Veggies
Fake or Natural ? Natural
Tv or book ? Book
Boys or girls? Boys
Lazy ass or hard worker? Hard worker
Beer or Wine ? Beer
Europe or America ? The entire world
Sand or Snow? Sand
Salt water or Soft Water? Salt water
IScubba diving or Safari ? Safari
Big steezy stale grab at Lunar Wakepark
Lisa's fan club for the final at the worlds
Videos where you can find Lisa Baloo:
Homeland wakeboarding First day at CWC Hyperlite's soul Mate
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