WAKESHOP.BE interview #3: Massi Piffaretti
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Today we are meeting Massi Piffaretti !
Name: Massimiliano Piffaretti
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: 11/20/1995
Sponsors: Ronix, Follow, Red bull, Malibu
Massi is a boat legend from Italia. He's got an incredible record such as 2015 & 2016 world champion, 6 times european champions, 2019 rider of the year and I could still carry on like that for long... In the past few years, still on top of the boat scene he's been more involved in the wakepark scene as well and definitely brings in some unique style! Often seen at the Ronix lake or on streets projects, you definitly should keep an eye on that guy because its well worth it! give him a follow on instagram: Massi Piffaretti
Questions to Massi:
1. Tell us about yourself in a few words.
I am just a young man following his dreams and trying to make his vision a reality with his friends, while having fun at all times.
2. How and when did you start wakeboarding?
I started wakeboarding in 2003/4 , I was 8 years old and it wasfrom my cousins who i m very thankful for! They are older than me and always have been into action sports, luckily there was a wakeboard school (CLUB MORGAN lake Como) across the lake from where we grew up so thats where we would spend most of our summer and snowboarding in the winter !
3. What is your favourite wakeboard location and why?
I would have to say Lake Como in my home town, because its where it all started. Thanks to that water, I ended up checking goals off my list and you can’t beat it on a rally day, seriously you could wakeboard for 4 hours without the boat making a turn.
4. We saw you injured your arm pretty bad? How is your recovery going on? we can’t wait to see you back on the water!
yea I suffered a compound fracture of my right humerus about 6 weeks ago while filming for a project. But its all good, taking some time off in this crazy Times isn’t a bad thing and I’m working as hard as I can during rehab to help clear my mind.
5. You are clearly on top of the boat scene with an incredible record, But we also see you enjoying rails and on amazing freeride projects like “Unlocking the Neederlands”, how do see yourself in the sport?
I think wakeboarding is boat-cable-winch..! its all the same sport and there are bunch of cool talented ladies and gentlemen in our community! All I want I want to do is Wakeboard, keep having fun, facing new challenges, new projects, meeting new people etc... But honestly by doing this I want to bring the sport together more so we can see what wakeboarding can do at its full potential, think about projects with different type of riders that you don’t usually see and create somethings for the young generation to look up to and motivate them.
6. Can you tell us a little bit about “Unlocking the Neederlands”?
Unlocking the Netherlands” is something that I dreamed about doing for the longest time, Maxime Van Helvoort and I talked about this ages ago and to see it come to reality with the crew that we had was unreal! 2 weeks of hard work and good vibes that helped us to know Each other better and also pushing each other. So stoked that Max and Red Bull let me be a part of it
7. There is clearly some magic in a pizza in Italy, how come and can you cook them as good when your are in the US ?
hell no in the states I can’t make it as good cause of the doe but I promise that they are ok
8. One project, trip, session that is on top of your list, which one is it and can you tell us about it?
CITRUS! We are on a bit of a break right now because of this COVID-19 Virus and my injury but I can’t wait to get better and carry on filming for that one! The movie is directed by Cole Vanthof...
9. What event are you the most excited about every season?
Traveling, getting to ride in the best coolest places, getting too meet new people as well!
10. How being supported by Red Bull affected your career?
Being able to be a part of the RedBull family since a young age its every kids dream and to be honest they helped me in any way possible to become the person I am today. To be surrounded by all the riders and creative people on the Red Bull team makes you realize that we all go trough ups and down and that you got to stay positive and they gonna help make your vision a reality !
11. You ride for Ronix, and spend a lot o time a the Ronix Lake. Can you tell us a little bit about that place and how is it to be part of the Ronix family?
The Ronix family is absolutely fantastic, everything just flows so good and we all know each other super well, we have the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the best poeple to do creative stuff. So you always know good shit is gonna happen when we are together! We always spend a lot of time at lake Ronix mixing up stuff, testing boards,... I would say that the lake is our bubble where we can get creative in every direction from the riding part to board shapes.
12. What boards do you ride ? Tell us about them please.
On the boat I ride the RXT board and boots, funnest board I ever rode, super smooth, great pop and very reactive, I love it! On the cable I ride The kinetic board and boots, really love the board for overall riding. It works great on a winch, kickers and rails! Sometimes when I feel like riding rails and Press hard, I ride the peacock board without the rods.
13. What is special about your Follow vest?
The Fresco vest is super sick ! I had a big input on the estetic part of it but the boys liked it in the fit! It feels so good when you have it on, its just insane !
14. What/Who do you really dislike in the sport?
The lack of opportunities for the younger generation
15. How do you see wakeboarding in 5 years?
Hopefully the sport will be more united ! More divers videos, with a better and larger contrast where we all can express ourselves, and hopefully more opportunities for kids with big vision to grow up the right way!
16. 3 riders that inspire you the most?
DOM HERNLER my big bro since Day 1. The whole POINTLESS CREW always bring the best vibe. AUSTIN PRATT, he is just an all time shredder.
17. 3 personalities that inspire you the most
MM I don't know, I just try to be myself
18. Who will be the Wakepark rider of the year in 2020 ?
DOM FRESCO HERNLER he went in in 2019 and lots more to come
Pick A, B or C
Wide stance/ Narrow Stance? Skinny baby
Blonde or Brunette? lately, brunette Ha
Tea or Coffee? Coffee but i do not mind tea
Water or whisky I have to say water... Whisky and I aren't a good mix!
Bum or boobs? Boobs, i need something to play with!
10 AM or 10 PM ? 10 AM: Lets get it! 10 PM: Lets celebrate it!
Boat, winch or cable? Depends on the mood but it’s all part of wakeboading so I would say: "wakeboard" fuck yeah
Gin or Beer? Gin T all the way!
Rap or rock ? I dig Rap but i ll go with Rock!
Meet or veggies? Eat your greens Veggies
Football or golf? Football
Tv or book ? Book
Italy or USA? Italy man... it is HOME !
Beer or Wine? Vino all day!
Pizza or Pasta ? Pizza
Sand or Snow? Ugh tough one! Snow just because I always hit the mountain with the family when I was young
Salt water or Soft Water? fresh water for sure!
Videos where you can find Massi Piffaretti:
Unlocking the neederlands Hyper Reel 2019Alliance rider of the year 2019 Ronix Full Part
We hope you enjoy reading this and we are looking forward to share much more about the wakeboard world with you !
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