WAKESHOP.BE interview #8: John Dreiling

Welcome to the WAKESHOP.BE interview!

The WAKESHOP.BE interviews are here to get to know better your favourite riders. We have ask a few questions to the riders we like the most to share the informations with you. There will regularly be new WAKESHOP.BE interviews posts like these with some of the biggest names on the scene, Stay Tune!

Today we are meeting John Dreiling !


Name: John Dreiling Nationality: USA ( Florida ) Date of Birth: 09/ 12/ 1994 Sponsors: Slingshot, Unit, Marine Products

1. Tell us about yourself in a few words

I'm just a dude on an endless search for stoke. I'm very driven and determined, but also compassionate and empathetic.

2. How and when did you start wakeboarding?

I got into wakeboarding when I was 16 because my dad worked on the same street as OWC.

3.What is your favourite wakeboard location and why?

Thai Wake Park, just is a special place for me from the memories I've had and easily one of the best wakepark in the world.

4. You are one of the few rider, that often come up with big gaps ideas, is boosting and taking risk what excites you the most when going to ride?

The feeling of carving around the water is enough for me, but the big gaps come from really trying to overcome my mind and fears. I love the battle that it takes mentally just to do that first attempt. Trying a big gap is already a win for me. Then the feeling of riding away from one is unmatched.

5. We know you are very technical and accurate in your executions, did that come from a hard work to get there or is it simply the way you naturally do things?

I'd say a little bit of both. I am very calculated in life and a little OCD, so I believe that shows in my riding. However it took a lot of work to figure it all out. I would say I am a lot more calculated than anyone realizes though, it is broken down like a science to me.

6. You have won or been in the last round on some major contest, is that what drives your motivation or you would rather do something on your own and surprise the wold through social media when posting ?

I am naturally a very competitive person, but for me contests are more about being able to see my friends and feeding off their riding. motivation from contests was VERY significant in my progression from an early age. However, if I had to do only one it would be filming for sure. I get the same motivation now trying to get a trick on video. But I would rather be able to create something more meaningful and impactful that lasts forever. AND I would rather try to do a gnarly trick I can only land once, instead of doing the same trick a thousand times just to get it consistent.

7. One project, trip, session that is on top of your list, which one is it and can you tell us about it?

Any night session with the boys at OWC growing up, or sunset session now. To me thats what it's ALL about.

8. What event are you the most excited about every season?

Munich MASH and Plastic Playgrounds

9. What other sport, passion are you into? Does it help how you put things together with your wakeboard career?

Anything I can constantly be learning. As a kid I was really passionate about playing music, now that's kinda turned into filming and editing. Just started picking up other action sports again. I just love that feeling of progression.

10. How is it to be part of the Slingshot family ? What set up did you chose for this season?

Being a part of Slingshot has been incredible. I love the riders on the team, but also the staff behind the scenes are some of my good friends now. As for the set up, I still havent decided, but I am gonna try out the Volt a little more and KTV's. Currently been riding the Nomad and Spacemob boots.


11. You ride a lot in the USA but you’ve been to many contest all over the place, do you feel like traveling is helping your vison on the sport?

Traveling was singly the most impactful thing on my vision of the sport, and all the things we could do better in the USA. Recently I have been trying to stay in America more, so I can try to help bring what I learned from over seas to the scene here in America.

12. What/Who do you really dislike in the sport?

Honestly, I really love all aspects of this community. The one thing I would change though is bridging the gap between the business guys, and the riders. I am currently spending almost all my time off the water working on that.

13. How do you see wakeboarding in 5 years?

Air tricks are coming back, and style is going to be more and more important. Due to the sport getting smaller over the last few years, I think we are left with only people that are really passionate about the sport. I see us growing, but rebuilding the sport the right way, for the love of it. I am incredibly excited for what's to come.

15. 3 riders that inspire you the most?

How do you pick just 3? I try to find inspiration from everyone.

16. 3 personalities that inspire you the most

Just anyone who is spreading love and trying to live life to the fullest.

17. Who will be the Wakepark rider of the year in 2020 ?

I'm coming for it hard (laughs), but It is well overdue for Graeme Burress, and I think we can all agree.

18. Best wakeboard instagram to follow?

I'm really digging @daveav because he showcases so many different aspects. We are in need of a good curation page though.

19. An advice for the new riders looking to get better on a board?

Expand your comfort zone a little bit everyday. and no trick/grab is too small or insignificant to learn. Just learn it all, one day it will come back around and help your riding.


Pick A, B or C

Wide stance/ Narrow Stance? Narrow stance for sure

Blonde or Brunette? I ain't picky

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Water or whisky Well, I drink a lot more whisky than water...

Bum or boobs? Bum

Breakfast or Dinner? I intermittent fast, so dinner!

Day or Night? Day, you can't wakeboard at night.

Boat, winch or cable? Why not all?

Gin or Beer? Gin

Rap or rock ? Rock

Meet or veggies? like meat more, trying to go plant based though

Baseball or Football? Who watches Baseball?

Scooter or rollerblade? Scooter

Tv or book ? Youtube!

IWWF or WWA? Looking for the reset button

Beer or Wine? Why do you make these so hard?

Burger or Pizza? I don't eat either

Sand or Snow? Both suck but snow

Salt water or Soft Water? Soft water.


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