10 Best Wakeboard web videos - WAKEPARK (part 1)
A lot of people is often asking for inspiration, Every now and then we'll try to post an article called "Wakeshop.be Cine Day" with some links to wakeboard web videos we believe are great inspiration for any riders. Selected videos in this article and in the coming ones are simply for us what we believe is the best in the sport we love, Wakeboarding. We pick randomly from what we liked from the web, there is no ranking in this article.

Each article will be one vibe at the time ( wakepark / street / boat / wakeskate/ ... ) Turn on your big screen, grab a your favourite drink and enjoy, Its wakeshop.be Cine Day !!

1. The Shredtown Jamboree ( 2015 & 2016 ) competiton

The shredtown is a group of 3 american friends that has pushed the park and street riding to a whole new direction. Considered to true core street riders, they developed a home made build park in a private property where they invited a group of chosen riders to shred the set ups that came up from their own creativity all together for a week. Hands down to probebly of the best wakeboarding event of all time!


Link to the other 2015 Shredtown Jamboree videos (4 videos )


2. Beyond perception ( 2014 ) by Redbull

In this video from 2014, you ll find Raph Derome mixing the some of the best park & boat riding you can still find today. Recently elected as the most influential rider of the decade, Raph worked hard on this one and you'll clearly see what we mean! This blew every ones mind and probebly will never get old:

3. Republic domain ( 2015 ) by Justin Loiselle.

CWC wakepark in the Philippines has always been one of the most innovative park on earth. They push the wakepark riding to a whole new level by building countless new rails and invite some of the best riders from all over the world to come ride their ideas. The time and involvement they put in project like this is clearly worth your time. here is a hell of a good job from Justin Loiselle showing the "Republic" team at its peak. 

4. North Shred ( 2017 ) by Ian Curry

Good vide, some unknown places, this video was made in Lithuania and supported by the Wake way crew. Host of the Redbull wake dual, Wake way is on the scene for a few years now and these people are willing to help the sport the best they can, doing a great job bringging wakeboarding where it wasn't seen much in the past! You should go up there for a trip in the summer, there is nearly more girls riding than boys! Hands down to them so here is an edit we came up with a few years ago. 

5. Breddas - We love wakeboarding ( 2015 ) by the Breddas.

Oldschool, home made, this movie may not be the best production we ve seen to date. Some hater will tell you they aren't legitimate enough, other will love it and be impressed by them! For us, The breddas boys have some magic and we could not think about making this list without talking about them! when it comes to wakepark and specially kicker, they are pioneers in many ways. Still today i rarely seen the control and grabs these guys could pull 10 years ago. Most defenetly another must watch:

6. Republic Plaza ( 2016 ) by Ben Leclair.

Ben Leclair and the Republic team made a 4' 20" video on one of the gnarliest set up thats ever been build for wakeboarding. It was once again made at CWC in the philippines! A 2.0, double stairs set, drone and camera use to offer us what we like to see!

7. The Yardsale (2017 - 2018 - 2019) Competition.

We like to say that the Yardsale at Valdosta is the replacement of the Shredtown Jamboree. The concept is similar, the vibe is similar and people are going there to have a great week of riding where you know some magic is gonna happen. The space mob boys work hard to offer the opportunity to probably the best list of wakeboarder of all time to ride rails and set up we ve never seen before. Those 2 factors combined can only give you some magic... Enjoy because its heavy ! With research on google you can find more clips about these events. 2017:

2018: 2019:

8. Sons of la Source & Matty Muncey ( 2019 ) by Ian Curry.

La Source Wakepark is most definitely in the top 5 best wakepark in Europe maybe even the world... constantly evolving by the riders, fo the riders, this park has it all. home made rails, plastic boxes, the best vibe,... The local kids over there became some of the best riders in France, Europe and even in the world for some. Watch out because these kids are going to blew your mind away!

9. Sambagua ( 2018 ) by Ian Curry.

Every year, Sunset Wakepark in Brazil are hosting the Mondialito which is a competiton/ Demo week where a bunch of great rider shows up and shred the park together. Here is the recap of 2018 through a lot of riding.

10. Unavailable ( 2015 ) by Steffen Vollert.

This list of wakeboard movie wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a movie from Steffen Vollert. He s always been on point in front and behind the camera. This is another movie from CWC Wakepark in the Philippines where the Slingshot boys went on a family trip to rip the park in 2015. Enjoy !

This list of 10 projects is the first one of many upcoming ones. If you liked it? please let us know by liking and sharing this article. If you don't? Then let us know as well by commenting.

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