Leleo Kite - #LEVELUP

Leleo kite is a talented young half-belgian, half-Brazilian, freestyle kitesurfer. UNHOOKED.BE met him in Brazil 2 years ago and since then we have been providing him with all the support and help needed to enable him the opportunity to progress to the next level.

https://vimeo.com/193220464 Leleo kite has style, power and is so dedicated to his passion of freestyle kitesurfing. Thanks to his father Pascoal, manager of the BNK Pousada (Barra Nova, Ceara), Leleo is training every possible windy day at his home spot in order to compete and acheive his goal of being ranked as the number one in the next Freestyle Junior Championships of Europe. Leleo kite has just turned 12 y.o. but already has the pop of a Pro. Please check out this recent edit of his latest tricks filmed at the pristine lagoons of Barra Nova

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