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PACK 2021 Slingshot Super Grom + Grom Boots



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The Super Grom is a high-performance all-terrain board for the youth that encourages proper riding techniques and lasts from the start all the way to pro levels.

The most important technique to master at a young age in wakeboarding is EDGE CONTROL. The Super Grom comes with minimal features other than 4.75-inch bolt-on fins that help young riders gain control of their edges, and learn to use them properly from the start. The soft flex of the super grom makes it a blast for lightweight riders on the water, and of course on the rails and wake. The Super Grom is the board you buy once and get right from the start, allowing kids to progress all the way to advanced riding levels without having to upgrade their board along the way.


1. Soft Flex for Lightweight Riders: The soft flex pattern makes it easy for riders to feel the excitement of flex without putting a ton of effort into their presses. Simply put, you can nose press and tail press like a king, and take advantage of a fun new feeling in the park – this flex is most suitable for riders who focus heavily on rails.
2. Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls: We’ve transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane skateboard wheels into the rail of all our boards. Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single shot, producing unrivalled dampening and durability.
3. Ballistic Base: With .7mm’s of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you’re sliding across, our park base has been hammered on by the most abusive park riders for years – Earning the ultimate seal of approval and certified “Ballistic”.
4. Atomic Wood Core: Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their famous flavour and flex.
5. Carbon Bedrock Inserts: Light, flexible and super strong, our inserts are reinforced with carbon fibre before being inlaid into the board. Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength and allows for a more consistent flex underfoot.
6. Continuous Rocker Profile: Faster board speed on the water, ride for longer with less arm fatigue, exciting, fast and fun feel.
7. Edge Enhancers: Bolt-on fins give riders the bite they need for holding an edge up the wake and added stability on landings down the endless liquid tabletops. Just don’t get caught trying to nose press these bad boys through the park.



Package includes: Supergrom Board, 4-.75” X 6” (1.9 X 15.2 CM) Wake Fins



No more loosey-goosey boots you have to wait three seasons to grow into … The Grom is a shrunk-down version of our proven “Option” boot, and thanks to its open toe design, feet have room to grow for at least a season or two before it’s time for something bigger.

Designed as a smaller version of our Option boot, the GROM comes with a simple Tri -Zone hook and loop closure system to allow for a custom fit and to make strapping in quick and easy. The bottomless base-plate gives young rippers more connectivity to the board, and the 3D moulded inner liners ensure the most comfortable fit imaginable for the kids out there who are fully committed! Through the use of our toughest and most durable materials, we are confident when we say the only reason to replace these boots will be from a rapid increase in shoe size!


1. Classic Open Toe Design: Open toe boots are a great option when looking to share gear between various riders. Some feet are bigger, oth- ers are smaller, and the open toe is more accommodating for all.
2. Tri-Zone Closure: Upper, middle, and lower zones can be customized using our straps to deliver the EXACT fit riders are looking for. Some like them tight at the bottom, others like them tight at the top, then there are those who ride them all FULLY CRANKED. The choice is yours.
3. Bottomless Base System: The Bottomless Base System places the toes and heels if the internal liners DIRECTLY onto the surface of the board, giving riders the most “connected” feel to the board as well as the most immediate reaction of the board when initiating toe and heel pressure.
4. Integrated J-Bars: Located in the heels of each Slingshot boot liner, these built in J bars “embrace” the achilles with love and affection, increasing comfort and helping to lock the heel into position for the most secure fit.
5. 3D Molded Tongue: The 3D Molded Tongue is all about comfort and fit, meaning it fits the contours of your ankles the first time, eliminating the need to “break them in”.


Package includes: GROM Boots, M6 Mounting Hardware, Secondary Colorway Gummy Straps

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PACK 2021 Slingshot Super Grom + Grom Boots

PACK 2021 Slingshot Super Grom + Grom Boots

US 1-3