1. Shipment & DeliveryPackages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment.
  2. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees.
  3. Goods are under the responsibility of the seller until actual delivery to the buyer.
  4. Delivery must be made within 30 days, otherwise customer may withdraw and the payment will be fully refunded on the account through which initial payment was made.
  5. We advise you to check your shipping address when order summary. In case of error on the shipping address, the shipping cost for a new shipment will be borne by the customer.
  6. Deliveries are made only in countries from European Community. Any request made outside EUROPE needs special contact request.
  7. Times indicated are approximate.
  8. BILLY.BE reserves the right to split orders at no extra charge, and can not be held responsible for any consequences of late delivery. In case of unusual delay, an email will be sent and you will be contacted by telephone.
  9. In no event BILLY.BE not be held responsible for any delay in delivery of the order.
  10. We disclaim any responsibility for delays due to strikes, natural disasters …
  11. You must indicate on the delivery and form of handwritten reserves accompanied by your signature any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage …). This verification is considered done when the purchaser or a person authorized by it, signed the delivery.


Shipping Fees: FREE SHIPPING for orders above 100€ !!

Belgium AT 5 €
Luxembourg LU 10 €
Netherlands NL 10 €
Germany DE 10 €
Austria AT 15 €
Danmark DK 15 €
France FR 15 €
25 €
Hungary HU 25 €
Italy IT 25 €
Poland PL 25 €
SK 25 €
Slovenia SI 25 €
United Kingdom UK 30 €
Croatia HR 30 €
Spain ES 30 €
Finland FI 30 €
Ireland IE 30 €
Romania RO 30 €
Sweden SE 35 €
Bulgaria BG 35 €
Estonia EE 35 €
Latvia LV 35 €
Lithuania LT 35 €
Norway NO 35 €
Portugal PT 35 €
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