It is important to live-by the measures that have been implemented by the government to fight the spread of the CoVid19, every action counts. In order to go in this direction, we advise you to make your orders online as much as possible. Let's stay safe & united !

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Essential information on Coronavirus : 🤨🧐🤓
Infection with the virus can cause nasal congestion, runny nose and sputum" because the "symptoms are initially similar to those of a common cold.
1. The diameter of the coronavirus particles varies between 60 nm and 140 nm, it is therefore necessary to wear these two specific masks: a filtering mask of type FFP2 and for sick people and people in contact with "moderate/high risk" patients must wear "surgical" anti-projection masks. It is not necessary for the non-ill population to wear these medical masks.
2. When the virus is on metal surfaces, it survives for about 12 hours (see several days). So when you touch metal surfaces such as door handles, appliances, streetcar bars, etc., wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them.
3. The virus can live nested in clothing and fabrics for about 6/12 hours (or even days): normal detergents can kill it.

How Covid 19 manifests itself :

1. The virus first settles in the throat, causing inflammation and a dry throat feeling = this can last 3/4 days. The main symptoms remain fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.
2. The virus then travels through the moisture in the airways, down the trachea and into the lungs, causing pneumonia. This stage lasts about 5/6 days.
3. Pneumonia occurs with a high fever and difficulty breathing, but is not accompanied by the classic shivering. If you feel you are choking, contact your doctor immediately.

How can you avoid it ?

1. Transmission of the virus occurs mainly through direct contact, by touching fabrics or materials on which the virus is present: frequent hand washing is essential.
The virus only survives on your hands for about ten minutes, but in ten minutes many things can happen: rubbing your eyes or scratching your nose for example, and so let the virus get into your throat .
So, for your own good and for the good of others, wash your hands very often and disinfect them !