YO! This week, one of our riders made a setup just for you! This setup is made for everyone who want to go fast and with control.
Alkemist sweet smoke V2
The Sweet smoke V2 edition is a deck first made for freeriding but you also can using it for pure downhill. With a little concave and a small tail, you'll have a lot of fun. The graphic design is made by a French artist, Antoine Arzur who’s a skater too by the way.
Alkemsit Longboard is a French brand made by young French riders for the riders like we love the work as that. They are really involved in their job and that’s why that since 2015, they are working hard for giving us the best felling that we are looking for when we ride.
logo Alkemist longboard
Just to show you how good is the work they do. Here is a little Raw Run of Clément Blondeau, Alkemist Team rider: https://www.facebook.com/alklongboard/videos/1866053580168190/ What a run! but let's try to keep focus on the amazing setup we made for you. Rogues have been killing the downhill truck market, featuring some of the premier racers in the world riding and backing their precision trucks.The Rogues trucks have the same geometry as the precision Rogues. With tall barrels oriented truck, they have a flowy turning nature that is maneuverable, so it's super stable. These trucks have an hanger width of 186mm and a baseplate angle of 48°. so if you don't want to spend to much money but you still want to have stable trucks for going fast, Rogue cast trucks are made for you! The release wheels from RAD company are 72mm, 78A and have a contact patch of 42mm. It’s made for long and controllable slides. We don’t have to talk about the vicious grip, the name speak by himself. It is ceramic bearings on this setup. So it is going to be perfect for your speed and for the durability of the bearings. They are light, strong, and corrosive resistant and with built-it spacers.It is wit all these qualities that Zealous is our best seller about the bearings.
Alkemist board is advised with: We hope that you liked it and remind you that every analysis are made by our riders to give you the best info as possible. Peace and keep Rolling !